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Begin with Yes - The Column

Originally published in NHBR

The positive approach to changing work styles

Q. I've been doing my job for a number of years now and, quite frankly, I'm bored. For a number of reasons, I can't leave this position right now. What do I do in the meantime? …Read More


Communication is at the heart of a good work environment

Q. There may be signs, but the higher up in an organization you are, the more difficult it becomes to see how people are really feeling. ...Read More


Assume the best in people and reap the benefits

Q. How do I harness the power of my own workforce in terms of getting them to share their innovative ideas? ...Read More


Making good things happen at work

Q. As a senior-level person in my organization, I am often asked to serve on internal and external boards and committees, many of which I don't have time for or don't see the value in as a whole. How do I say "no" without offending the boss? ...Read More


It’s not easy being the boss

Q. As a CEO, I support "open book" policies when it comes to our financials, but I've been questioning this practice lately, as I find employees don't really understand what they're looking at and jump to conclusions. Do you have any advice on how I can be open, but perhaps not share as much information? ...Read More

Accentuating the positive in the workplace

Q. I know the importance of social networking, but my company says “no” to going on Facebook and such during the workday. How can I get my boss to see that I’m promoting the company, just in a different way? ...Read More

One man’s ‘tattletale’ is another’s truth-teller

Q. A colleague of mine is really bringing down morale in our office, and the boss doesn’t see it (or doesn’t want to see it). How do I address this problem before everyone quits, yet not seem like a “tattletale” when I do it? ...Read More


Making good things happen at work

The phrase, “Just say no,” was worth a try for drug prevention, but doesn’t work as a philosophy to follow when it comes to living a good life and succeeding in business. And although in today's busy and hectic world it actually seems much easier to say no, when we do, we miss out ...Read More

Motivating ‘problem’ employees

“Begin with yes” in the workplace. Such optimism may sound unrealistic. After all, no job is perfect or without worries or problems. We get flat tires, the raise doesn’t come, we have good days, and not-so-good days. Sometimes things unfold so perfectly, and other times they go downhill faster than a runaway toboggan. We all know a good work life is not without problems. But we also know that it doesn’t happen by accident ...Read More


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