Begin with Yes is winning Raves

Broadway producers and stars; business executives and healthcare professionals; and yes, everyday folks are making big changes thanks to Begin with Yes.

Paul Boynton



"Paul Boynton's Begin with Yes is simply the world's best reset button. Acting as a good friend, it reminds you that your capacity for happiness and fulfillment is in one person's hands: your own. Wake up tomorrow with Yes and you will find, as I have, a daily collection of joys that have been waiting for you to just open the door."
David Austin - Broadway Composer/Librettist- Writing Arthur Danby & Beaches.


"Show business can beat you to a pulp on a daily basis. Reading a few chapters of Paul's book every evening is like a friend extending a hand to help you up off the mat".
Tom McCoy, Executive Producer McCoy Rigby Entertainment


"Paul Boynton’s Begin with Yes is a manifesto that navigates you through all the stop signs we face on this journey called ‘life.’ I’m sending Boynton’s book to all my Hollywood friends with the following inscription: You can’t end with ‘Yes’ unless you learn how to begin with it."
Scott Prisand, Founding Partner
Corner Store Entertainment


"Begin with Yes serves the ultimate dichotomy between a harmless word and a terrifying concept. Paul finished my nomadic twenty-year inner dialog with his wisdom and ability to highlight the ease at which changing behaviors can be had."
Paul Venuti, Director of Development Services
Sony Online Entertainment


“The timing of this book couldn’t be more ideal. We’re living in a world in which our systems are changing, dissolving or flat-out falling apart, and we feel increasingly stressed under the pressure to balance life, families and careers. We seem to be yearning to get back to a sense of balance, harmony and spiritual equilibrium. Begin with Yes is essential reading for those searching to get back to basics – back to balance, harmony and spiritual equilibrium.”
Tshidi Manye, ”Rafiki”
Broadway’s The Lion King


“This book works, as it upends the status quo – and it’s fun and it’s easy. Simple to read, yet not simplistic. Forget about positive thinking. Ask yourself the right questions, then begin. Paul Boynton makes you want to get up and get going – ­­­after your dreams.”
Lesley Valdes, Critic-at-Large, WRTI – FM and former critic, Philadelphia Inquirer and San Jose Mercury News


Begin with Yes is the perfect companion to the mind-body work in my practice. His approach balances realism and optimism. His message of action is great and emphasizes that deliberate, mindful steps will always move you closer to your goals while allowing you to feel better immediately.”
Sharon O'Connor, RN, CEO
Atlantic Complementary Medical Solutions, LLC


“I keep a copy of this wonderful book in my salon to share with my clients. Many of us live by the Law of Attraction and we know that ‘thoughts become things.’ Begin with Yes by Paul Boynton takes the Law of Attraction one important action step further. Paul gives us a foolproof way to renew, refresh and begin. All with a one small action word: yes. It’s how I have always tried to live my life, and it’s a beautiful thing.”
Roberto Novo
Roberto Novo Salons, New York and Buenos Aires


“You won’t want to say ‘no’ to the ideas in Begin with Yes. Life happens in the course of thousands of decisions made moment to moment, large and small. Begin with Yes is an inspirational and practical guide to changing the course of your life, with a simple word: Yes!”
Tom Viola, Executive Director
Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS


“Because of Begin with Yes, I have not only begun writing regularly but have also started to dabble in painting! I can't really draw but I want to try my hand at abstract representation. At the least, I am enjoying the creative vibe. My ultimate goal is to define myself NOT by my career but by who/what my spirit is.”
Michelle Batiste, M.A.
Child and Family Advocate


“In a world where we often feel busy, burned out, exhausted and frustrated, it’s easy to lose sight of the truth: It doesn’t have to be this way. One person at a time, one book at a time, one new outlook at a time, we can shift our paradigm and become happier, fulfilled, joyful and whole. Begin with Yes shifts that paradigm, ushers in a new outlook and lets us all breathe a sigh of relief.”
Kate Benway, Media Engagement Coordinator
Granite State College


"Paul Boynton's words in Begin with Yes are refreshingly honest. Human nature often conditions us to focus on the negative in our lives and overlook the positive. Begin with Yes is a reminder that each of us holds the power to fail or succeed."
Paul Russell
Paul Russell Casting, New York, New York


“I encourage every small business owner and non-profit organization to embrace this book. Its simple, straightforward, conversational approach does more than provide food for thought. It helps you change the way you think and ultimately approach each day, both personally and professionally. The message is really a gift to all of us.”
Carolyn Benthien
Benthien Associates


“As a CEO of one of the largest non-profits in New York City, I am convinced that the practical, easy-to-understand, action-oriented advice in Begin with Yes will not only change individuals’ lives, but will create an exciting and innovative new culture for work environments wherever these principles are embraced. If I could buy co-workers, family and friends only one book, Begin with Yes would be that book.”
Christine McMahon, CEO
Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc., New York, New York


"What an inspiring read. I had been dealing with several business obstacles and this book just re-invigorated my positive nature to not let anything get in the way of getting the job done! Begin with Yes is a timeless book that has re-affirmed my belief that a positive attitude kick-started with positive actions can overcome any challenge."
Paul Fox, President and Founder
EYE Q, Boston, Massachusetts


"Finally a book about moving beyond the power of positive thinking... into the power of positive action! In Begin with Yes Paul Boynton drives the point home brilliantly, that all our greatest journeys begin with the simple yet sometimes monumental task of taking the first step. Just say YES!"
Daniel J. Cartier
Recording artist, writer and entrepreneur


"Begin with Yes offers us a practical playbook for life: setting boundaries, embracing optimism, fostering creativity, using your own happiness to create a self-determined path to personal fulfillment. Declare it, own it and read this book. Begin with Yes and discover the best of what life has to offer."
Susan Nooney, President
Susan Nooney, CPA - LLC


"Through over 30 years as a physician, I've seen an optimistic, positively expectant attitude overcome seemingly hopeless situations of illness and injury. Conversely, I've seen bitterness and surrender to a victim mentality lead to debility and even death when such an outcome was not predicted nor expected. Attitude is a choice, and it leads to actions which either help or hurt. Choose wisely!"
Jeffrey Tolstad, MD
Manchester, New Hampshire


"Re-creating ourselves as we age is how we keep feeling young and alive. So, every decade take an inventory of yourself. Are you happy with what you see, feel and think? If not, take action to keep your well-oiled machinery (your body, mind, and spirit) running well. Get a tune-up and use the great tools in Paul's book. Begin with Yes will help you keep the process of life effortless and enjoyable."
Robin J. Bruck, DC


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