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“The loving grassroots sharing of “Begin with Yes” has been beautiful to watch. Over and over it lands in the right hands at the right time, and every day more people are discovering the joy, hope and inspiration in this small but powerful book.”

~ Tshidi Manye, Rafiki in Broadway’s “The Lion King”

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What started out as my personal dream to become an author has evolved into an amazing Facebook community of almost 1,000,000 people. The heartfelt sharing of personal trials and triumphs inspires me on a daily basis.

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From the Blog:

Divorced, breast cancer survivor – bilateral mastectomy 14 years ago – kids starting college and now I want a relationship but I’m so afraid

I was diagnosed at age 30 with breast cancer. I was divorced, raising 2 young children and had a bilateral mastectomy. That was 14 years ago. I have survived breast cancer, but I have not THRIVED. My children are starting college, and I will be alone.

I am very very depressed. I am afraid to begin dating because of my mastectomy. I have spent the last 14 years caring for my children, and have been so lonely. I have lost friendships and have become very isolated and solitary. I would like to be in a relationship, but I am so afraid.

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I’m Struggling With My Religion – God Doesn’t Do These Hateful Things

“I am officially a Roman Catholic, but I have chosen to retire. I can no longer support all the rules of Canon Law. I am 73 years old. As I have grown older, I find the need for a building/church to attend is useless for me. I have never met God in a church. I do run into Him often when I’m washing dishes, we have some wonderful chats. Is anyone else struggling with “the rules or Bible quotes” that just have no common sense to them? The current news stories from around the world have me in a frantic state of mind. God doesn’t do these hateful things, yet He does permit it. Am I totally lost? Thanks to all.” Madeleine/Maddie

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How do you help, but also not butt-in, about raising your grandchildren?

“I see our grandchildren not being RAISED. I feel bad for my fiancé who was a good dad and a single dad, but his son (38) blames him for so many things. My fiancé (66) is a good man. His son and his girlfriend (40), mother of the 2 grandchildren, are not raising the children – she does not cook nor clean the home. His son works several jobs but I see the kids, boy 5, girl 3, falling by the wayside. No one reads to them, plays with them – the TV and computer are babysitters. My fiancé has such high hopes for the grandchildren. How do you try to help, but also not butt-in. They know nothing of good parenting and lacking good paying jobs they work many hours to survive, but this leaves little nurturing of young children who deserve more and it is difficult to watch.

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Want to Move to 4 Season Climate and Selling My Home Scares Me

“I have recently retired. After living in south Florida for 40+ years I want to move out of Florida to a 4 season climate. This means I have to sell my home that I have lived in for 22 years. I really dislike this area but the whole idea and ordeal of selling my home seems just so very huge. I’ve never sold a home before and it scares me. How do I get over this hurdle and move on with my life? I need help, please.” Mary

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